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 Spring 2020: 
Pride and Prejudice and Cry Baby
Pride and Prejudice: I will be appearing as Kitty in the new musical adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, written by Sam Caps and Annie Dillon. The immersive performance will be taking place at Dive 106 at 9pm on March 15.
Cry Baby: I will be reprising my role as Associate Music Director for West 4th Stage Co.'s production of Cry Baby, which will run April 17-19 at the NYU Pless Hall Black Box Theatre. The Cry Baby creative team also includes Taylor Haven Holt (director), Joey Mervis (associate director), Carson Davis (music director), and Yoomi Kim (choreographer). 

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 November 2019: 
Tale of the Sackman and Crucible, PA
I am so excited and honored to be appearing in two new works this coming November! 
November 1-3: I will be playing Catherine in Tale of the Sackman, written by MandaLeigh Blunt and Kay Clark and directed/choreographed by Tara Forseth. Performances will be taking place at the Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance on Roosevelt Island. You can learn about the project and donate here. Tickets are now available here.
November 15-16: I will be appearing in Crucible, PA, at The Duplex in the West Village. Crucible, PA is written by Alex Shelbourne, directed by Annie Dillon, and music directed by Carson Davis. You can learn more about the project on the From Scratch Productions website, or buy tickets directly from The Duplex.
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 NYU Steinhardt Music Theatre Showcase
The 2019 NYU Steinhardt Music Theatre Showcase took place April 30. For more information, you can visit our showcase website here! Additionally, the video of my showcase performance is now up on the Videos page of this site.
This past April, I was the Assistant Music Director for West 4th Stage Co's production of "Urinetown" at New York University! Director: Taylor Haven Holt; Music Director: Jonathan Mehl; Choreographer: Michael Mindlin.
 The Sound of Recovery Music
My most recent performance was playing Brigitta and Sister Lee Bond in RR Productions' "The Sound of Recovery Music!" Written and directed by Michael Roth, and produced by Phillip Riina and Jerry Christal, this new musical comedy explores the journey of recovery programs in a relatable and enjoyable way, using familiar characters and tunes. July 19, 20, 27, and 28 at the York Theater. For more information you can visit the show's website, www.soundofrecoverymusic.com, and watch the highlights video on my Videos page!